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day 2136: scenes from a very active mother’s day.

sure mother’s day is about mothers. but when you have a very active almost-six year old it’s also about having fun while running and playing and swinging and climbing!

and attempting to fly kites even when we are all pretty sure there’s not enough wind to keep them aloft.

somewhere along the way, odin learned how to “pump” on the swing to keep himself going without any help from us pushing.

sadly, this means he no longer needs his mamma to push him on mother’s day treks to the park ;-(

he’s a little happier about the milestone than we are.

in keeping with the name, odin informs me that the monkey bars are way easier to play on without shoes, so it’s all the easier to wrap your toes around the bars and keep your footing.

i’m sure there are more than a few who may cringe at the thought of letting their children have fun climbing trees.

we’re not one of those people 🙂

risks aside, it’s a fantastic way to hone eye-hand-feet coordination while generating a “real time” strategy and tactics for getting up and, as importantly, down.

of course, being mother’s day and all, it is important to stop and smell the lilacs.

day 2136: getting familiar with our new baby chicks.

over the next few weeks we’ll take a little time to get our new baby chicks used to us. odin has been feeding them a lot so they like him best 🙂

this is a black australorp.

and this is an ameraucana, known for laying colorful bluish green shelled eggs.

this is a fine, fluffy light brahma.

and a shot of our other ameraucana.

no shots of our buff orpingtons this time around, but i’m sure you’ll see them in the future 🙂