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AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
DJ Shadow-The Private Press????1814
Yo La Tengo-Fakebook????1104
beth orton-daybreaker20021415


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Son Volt-Trace????1111

Alternative & Punk:

AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Ani DiFranco-Little Plastic Castle19981125
Ani DiFranco-Reckoning & Revelling (Disc 1 of 2) - Revelling20011131
Ani DiFranco-Revelling & Reckoning (Disc 2 of 2) - Reckoning200121620
Ani DiFranco-So Much Shouting So Much Laughter (Disc 2)20022130
Ani DiFranco-So Much Shouting So Much Laughter20022118
Bardo Pond-Dilate????1104
Blonde Redhead-In An Expression of the Inexpressible????1113
Blue States-House Gothic 23????112
Desmond Williams-House Gothic 23????123
Doves-Lost Souls200011529
Galaxie 500-Fourth Of July????110
Godspeed You Black Emperor!-Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (Disc 1)2000120
Godspeed You Black Emperor!-Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (Disc 2)????120
Grandaddy-The Sophtware Slump20001116
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions-Bavarian Fruit Bread20011122
Luna-The Days Of Our Nights199911213
Mercury Rev-Deserter's Songs19981123
Mercury Rev-See You On The Other Side19951810
Mojave 3-Ask Me Tomorrow????191
Olivia Tremor Control-Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol. 1199912710
Oneida-Each One Teach One2002294
Patty Griffin-Flaming Red19981130
Patty Griffin-Living With Ghosts19961107
Radiohead-Kid A20001104
Radiohead-OK Computer19971122
Shawn Colvin-A Few Small Repairs19961120
Thievery Corporation-House Gothic 23????136
Thunderball-House Gothic 23????123
Ursula 1000-House Gothic 23????110
Yo La Tengo-And then nothing turned itself inside-out20001133
Yo La Tengo-I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One19971164
Yo La Tengo-Painful19931116


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Beth Orton-Chill????115
Brian Eno-Ambient 1 Music for Airports????141


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Meters-Very Best Of The Meters????1161


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Beth Orton-Central Reservation????113
Billy Bragg & Wilco-Mermaid Avenue19981153
Uncle Tupelo-Anodyne19931120
Wilco-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot20001117


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Amon Tobin-Out, From Out Where2002112


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Alex Reece-The K & D Sessions (Disc 1)1998210
Aphrodelics-The K & D Sessions (Disc 1)1998211
Beth Orton-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1999115
Bomb The Bass-The K & D Sessions (Disc 1)1998210
Bomb The Bass-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998210
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998217
Carl Craig-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1995110
Count Basic-The K & D Sessions (Disc 1)1998221
DJ Cam-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1996111
DJ Cam-Loa Project (Volume II)????1123
DJ Shadow-Endtroducing.....19961135
DJ Shadow-Headz1994222
DJ Shadow-Preemptive Strike (Disc 2)1997213
DJ Shadow-Preemptive Strike19982116
David Holmes-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998210
Deadbeats-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1998111
Deadly Avenger-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1995116
Deflon Sallahr-Headz1994213
Depeche Mode-The K & D Sessions (Disc 1)1998210
Donny Hathaway-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1978110
Dubtribe Sound System-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl2000112
Fila Brazillia-Maim That Tune????199
Groove Armada-Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)20011127
Howie B.-Headz1994210
Knowtoryous-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998210
Kruder & Dorfmeister-DJ-kicks199711726
Kruder & Dorfmeister-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998222
Lamb-The K & D Sessions (Disc 1)1998210
Mama Oliver/Richard Dorfmeister-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998210
Mary Margaret O'Hara-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1988110
Massive Attack-Mezzanine199811116
Model 500-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1995110
Palmskin Productions-Headz1994210
Rainer Trüby Trio-The K & D Sessions (Disc 1)1998210
Rhythm & Sound-Rhythm & Sound200111013
Rocker's Hi Fi-The K & D Sessions (Disc 1)1998210
Rocker's Hi Fi-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998210
Roni Size-The K & D Sessions (Disc 1)1998211
Sin-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998211
Sofa Surfers/Richard Dorfmeister-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998211
St. Germain-Tourist2000193
Strange Cargo-The K&D Sessions (Disc 2)1998210
The Ananda project-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1998110
The Beta Band-The Beta Band????1100
The Beta Band-The Three E.P.'s19971124
The Roots-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1994110
Tosca-Suzuki In Dub200111113
Tranquility Bass-Headz1994210
Unkle-Psyence Fiction19981126
slick rick-Back To Mine - Everything But The Girl1995110


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Fuacata-Fuacata Live????1110
Tracy Chapman-Tracy Chapman19831111

General Rock:

AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
The Donnas-Turn 21????1140

Hip Hop/Rap:

AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Blacklicious-Blazing Arrow20021173
Cee-Lo Green-Cee-Lo Green & His Perfect Imperfections200212110
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist-Brainfreeze????120
Dr. Octagon-Instrumentalyst????11733
Handsome Boy Modeling School-So...How's Your Girl?19991169
Jurassic 5-Quality Control20001155
Prefuse 73-Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives20011165


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Duke Ellington-Money Jungle19621139
Herbie Hancock-Sextant (Remaster)1972132

Mood Rock:

AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
beth orton-Chill2002115

New Age:

AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Dzihan & Kamien-Refreaked200111118
Koop Feat. Cecilia Stalin-Waltz For Koop2002223
Koop feat. Earl Zinger-Waltz For Koop2002210
Koop feat. Mikael Sundin-Waltz For Koop2002212
Koop feat. Terry Callier-Waltz For Koop2002210
Koop feat.Yukimi Nagano-Waltz For Koop2002223
Koop-Waltz For Koop2002226


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Big Daddy-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Charlie-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Chet Ivey-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002111
D'angelo-D'angelo - Voodoo19991130
DJ Format-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Dap Kings-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Express Rising-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002111
Fabulous Souls-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Jimi Entley-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002111
Joe Budh Ft. Scorzayzee, Skinny Man, Scorpio & Mr. 45-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Kokolo-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Lauryn Hill-The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill19981161
Mr. Chop-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Natural Self-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Poets Of Rhythm-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110
Stark Reality-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002111
The P Brothers Ft. Mr. 45-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002111
Wildchild Ft. Medaphoar & Percee P-Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper2002110


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Bundy K. Brown, Doug Scharin, James Warden-Directions In Music????180
Friends Of Dean Martinez-The Shadow Of Your Smile????1138
Money Mark-Push The Button199811811
Queens of the Stone Age-Songs for the Deaf2002110
Sarah McLachlan-Fumbling Towards Ecstasy19931120
Sarah McLachlan-Surfacing19971100
Sientific American-Saints of Infinity????21919
The Heads-The Time Is Now!????173


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
As One-Headz 21996211
Black Dog Productions-Headz 21996210
Boy Ken-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????210
DJ Doc Holiday-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????210
Dillinja-Headz 21996210
ECD-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????223
Hiroshi & K.U.D.O. Featuring DJ Milo-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????212
Innerzone Orchestra-Headz 21996210
Kool DJ Red Alert & Major Force Posse-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????210
MAX 404-Headz 21996211
Major Force Productions-Grass Roots Dub-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????211
Palmskin Productions-Headz 21996211
Peshay-Headz 21996210
Roni Size and DJ Krust-Headz 21996211
SDP-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????211
Source Direct-Headz 21996212
Special Forces-Headz 21996211
Takagi Kan-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????236
The Orchids-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????211
Tiny Panx-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????211
Tycoon To$H & Terminator Troops-Major Force: The Original Art-Form????242
Zimbabwe Legit-Headz 21996214


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan-Shahen-Shah????160


AlbumYearDiscsTrack CountTracks Played
Amon Tobin-supermodified????1125