day 3486: The Hockey Life.

day 3486: The Hockey Life. I.

after playing offense and scoring a goal, odin is back on defense while playing against la crosse who they’ve beat once and lost once in overtime.

day 3486: The Hockey Life. II.

“maintain your self control.” easier said than done!

as one does as a hockey parent, i sat in the opponent’s penalty box. it offers a great view of the game. you’ll note, there’s a player in the box. i have to admit it was a bad call 🙂

day 3486: The Hockey Life. III.

odin moves the puck down the ice. viroqua had more shots on goal but their goalie was too good and they lost. la crosse is conference 3 team ( viroqua is conference 4 ) so they should feel proud at beating them once and almost beating them again in overtime in previous games 🙂

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