i can *finally* scratch “build cedar window boxes” off the to-do list.

i can *finally* scratch "build cedar window boxes" off the to-do list.

building two 7 foot long cedar window boxes isn’t really all that hard, but like most projects it’s never going to get done unless i set aside the time to actually do it! so, this year i made the perennial to-do item on my list a mother’s day gift for kris so i’d be sure to get it done 🙂

they are simple boxes made similar to what’s shown in this martha stewart cedar window box how-to. i used three 1″x10″ cedar boards with 2 1″x1″ cedar “cleats”, which hold the front and back and sides, drilled and glued to the bottom board. i trimmed the bottom board to 8″ wide so i could flare out the front of the box to give it a little more style that a simple rectangle.

i suppose i could fancy them up with some trim at some point.

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