The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver – Ashes In The Air

while i like the song a lot, i’ll admit i like the new video for the the flaming lips and bon iver collaboration, “ashes in the air” a little less though not quite as much less as some including the stereogum reviewer who writes, “The clip tells the inspirational story of a spaceman with a Residents-esque glowing psychedelic eyeball head who (spoiler alert) murders a baby by feeding it through a meat grinder. Also, the baby has a singing grown-up’s face projected on its own face. The video also stars a bunch of ripped-open naked people and exposed brain matter. It’s not remotely safe for work, and I can’t really imagine any situation in which anybody might want to watch it. it did remind me to go back and finish watching the pitchfork classic “oral history” of one of my favorite albums, “the soft bulletin”. i love listening to those guys talk about their craft. the ending is just perfect.

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