now a vast intertwingled wasteland IN THE CLOUD!

after a long, long, long period of serious unreliability from my “hosting with a human touch” hosting provider who i’ve been with for more than a decade ( who apparently has decided to not answer emails but i’m not going to name names), i’ve moved the vast wasteland over to amazon web services on the hopes that i can get back to better than 50% uptime and, you know, when you click on a link it will actually work.

it was relatively painless getting things running in the cloud, but my LAMP stack admin skills are a little rusty so let me know if anything goes BOOM!

while i was futzing with my backend, so to speak, i took the opportunity to finally bring back the logo which got dropped during a redesign a ways back for mundane reasons. who knew it would take me a few years to bring it back. hi. ho.

and i took the opportunity to remind everyone, front and center in the header, just how long i’ve been doing the vast wasteland. intertwingled SINCE 2000! it never ceases to amuse me that after 13 years the vast wasteland is still in the top search results for the phrase coined by ted nelson to refer the complex of interrelations in human knowledge.

who knows, maybe i’ll even make an “about” page after 13 years.

update: right after i published this mysql crapped its pants. so we’ll see how this goes. might be a little bumpy while i tune things.

3 thoughts on “now a vast intertwingled wasteland IN THE CLOUD!”

  1. Hoping you were not in Boston for the marathon…..I’ve been following Odin’s adventures since he was born and will miss keeping up with all of you. Please let me know how to find your interesting pieces. Esta Wolfram

  2. hi esta! i luckily was not in boston. you can still keep up with odin’s adventures here. we’re not going anywhere 🙂 ( i was just noting that i was changing the way i host the blog )

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