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day 3134: minus some maxillary canines.

on a routine early orthodontic visit to screen odin for things we might be able to do to prevent braces later on, we discovered that his permanent maxillary canines were trying to move into place to push out the baby teeth but were impeded by some rather large roots that weren’t going anywhere. if we […]

day 3130: scenes from the altoona hockey tournament!

odin’s team played 3 games in altoona, wisconsin this weekend. they had a great time bonding by the pool at the hotel and playing against some great area teams on the ice. odin’s team is still quite young with many 7 and young 8 year olds on their “squirt b” so they will often struggle […]

day 3127: first goalie practice!

in all the years odin has been playing hockey he has yet to play goalie in a game, but since getting moved up to the “squirts” he’s known he was going to have to play the position since the coaches like everyone to rotate around to get a feel for what they might like to […]

recipe: peanut butter power balls.

regular readers may recall my recipe for no-bake gluten free energy bites which are a super tasty source of energy but aren’t particularly packed with protein ( maybe about 3-4 grams of protein per 1 inch ball ). what with all the running i’ve been doing, i’m always on the look-out for easy sources of […]

whiskey club: the irish whiskey edition.

every four months or so, the whiskey club meets and samples a variety of whiskey’s purchased by someone in the club who knows a lot more about whiskey than i do. this time around we were sampling irish whiskey which, as the name so aptly indicates, is distilled and aged in the island of ireland. […]

on the (non?)effectiveness of the flu vaccine

update: it was pointed out that in the original post i didn’t properly distinguish between the flu vaccine and tamiflu which is an anti-viral typically given after patient presents symptoms of the flu. while some people take the antiviral tamiflu prophylactically to prevent the flu it is not commonly prescribed by doctors as preventative treatment […]

the links between lead, crime and (aviation) gasoline.

mother jones has a fascinating and detailed report on lead being the hidden villain behind violent crime, lower IQs, and even ADHD with discussion of new research that builds on earlier work ( from 1999?!) which concluded that gasoline lead may explain as much as 90 percent of the rise and fall of violent crime […]

is your cat making you crazy and tired?

while most everyone is familiar with the relationship between human proximity to cats and intelligence, less well known is the fact that toxoplasmosis carrying cats could make your crazy and emerging research links the the bacterium behind cat scratch fever to chronic fatigue syndrome. clearly, if you need a friend – get a dog.

take two hours of pine forest and call me in the morning.

from the captain-obvious dept: turns out researchers are discovering that being out in nature can lower your blood pressure, fight off depression, beat back stress—and even prevent cancer. also, going on a hike boosts creativity by 50%, though the researchers admit they are unable to determine if , “…the effects are due to an increased […]

the lies we tell ourselves while running with a chest cold.

“oh, a -5°F wind chill isn’t really that cold. and it’s only 4 miles. i mean, the cold will agitate my chest in a good way and help, you know, clear the gunk out.” uh, huh. the icicle’s hanging from my eyelashes produced from my breath venting out the face mask are messing with the […]

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