The Case of the Missing White Voters?

the post election dominate narrative is about a structural demographic shift working against republicans – i.e. they can no longer win by gaining a larger piece of the ever shrinking white portion of the electoral pie ( to mix a metaphor. badly. ). but has anyone seen corroboration of the claim that 7 million white voters just didn’t show up to the polls: ” The increased share of the minority vote as a percent of the total vote is not the result of a large increase in minorities in the numerator, it is a function of many fewer whites in the denominator.” if true the narrative might be quite a bit different if the republicans come up with a candidate that can “reactivate” them in 2016. update: “There Aren’t As Many Missing Voters As It Seems” and “There Are No “Missing Voters”” both, well, say there aren’t as many missing voters as claimed in the post.

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