meditations and self realizations to the sounds of stoner music on a cold evening run

i’m out on an evening run in the brisk 37°F night air, endorphins are starting to kick in and i’m meditating in a way while watching my breaths crystallize in the beam of my headlamp while simultaneously deep in my head wondering why i so thoroughly enjoy listening to UNKLE with thom yorke – rabbit in Your headlights which might be the most inappropriate song to enjoy running to on a cold, dark night ( watch the video if you haven’t seen it ). and then out of nowhere all i can hear is the voice of someone who, after recently listening to a few songs on my playlist said matter-of-factly, “dude, you only listen to stoner music.”

gah. click. pink floyd – shine on you crazy diamond. ( the voice, “stoner music” ). gah. click. david byrne & brian eno – regiment. ( the voice, “stoner music” ). gah. click. supergrass – tales of endurance. ( the voice, “stoner music” ). gah. click. blonde redhead – 23. ( the voice, “stoner music” ). gaaaaaah. click.

kruder & dorfmeister – 1st of tha Month. ( the voice, “stoner music” ).

gaaaaaaaah…total endorphin buzzkill.

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