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day 2979: a new haircut and glasses for school.

hanging out at the playground during unicycle lessons, i noticed odin’s new haircut ( he requested a “spikey” haircut and even wanted to try out gel?! ) and glasses that he picked out for school make him look all growed up! he’s getting to be such a big boy. i don’t have to try very […]

day 2979: first day of unicycle lessons!

right before we left for vacation we were walking by odin’s school playground and noticed a bunch of kids on unicycles. as it turns out, they’ve been having classes there every wednesday night over the summer and odin definitely thought it was something he’d really, really, really like to learn. and you know what? i’ve […]

the squatty potty

i have a friend who has long claimed that squatting while pooping is the au natural way to, er, go and that instead of getting a special squat toilet you can get the same effect by squatting on top of upside down paint cans placed in front of a regular toilet. “uh, huh. shooooore. who […]

my ancestor photoblogging in the 1920s about the 1630s.

on a trip to my ancestral homeland in machias, maine my mother showed me one of many photos she has been entrusted with that tell the story of her mother’s side of the family which have been handed down from matriarch to matriarch. they are simply incredible. they were written by a woman named grace […]

earth, wind and fire. or, the sunnier side of biodiesel re-re-visited.

it’s august which means it’s time for yet another photo of the high-oil sunflowers that are pressed for biodiesel for an organic valley sustainability program. some might recall my photos from last year and a few might even recall the original, popular sunnier side of biodiessel photo from five(?!) years ago. this year is extra […]

McKayla is Not Impressed with The Dude.

i’m not sure which is weirder – seeing a giant picture of me next to the coffee station at organic valley drinking coffee from my “the dude” cup, or the fact that it’s part of the McKayla is Not Impressed meme ( the speech bubble next to her says, “i can’t believe i came in […]

16 miles on the LSD!

phew! 16 miles on the long slow distance (LSD) run which averaged in the high 10 minute miles and i only stopped once! LSD runs are done at an “easy pace”, 1–3 minutes per mile slower than your 10k pace. so that’s about right -at this point i can just about keep a 9 minute […]

the long lost pasture butter cheesecake recipe finally published.

a casualty of time, i never got around to properly blogging the recipe for my pasture butter cheesecake but the fine folks who put together organic valley’s rootstock publication did use one of the photos i took and published the recipe in the latest issue along with my “award-winning” double chocolate hazelnut ice cream ( […]

on drilling a hole through a tree

i’m getting close to starting to build The World’s Most Awesome Treehouse(s). after talking with some builders, i’ve decided to drill a hole straight through the trees, run threaded rod through the hole and bolt the tree house supports to the threaded rod ( i’ll have more on the plans soon ). but how do […]

climate change and overpopulation

james hansen, the director of goddard institute for space studies is about to release a new analysis of the last six decades and concludes, climate change is here — and worse than we thought. and that’s just one of the implications of overpopulation as we hurtle toward adding the equivalent of three more chinas of […]

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