2 thoughts on “New organic milk brand abandons grains”

  1. So where are the farms that supply the grassmilk in the New Mexico/Colorado area?

    Also, are there any leads on the horizon for more sustainable packaging? I know that Tetrapak is trying to build up a network for recycling their paperboard, but I’ve heard mixed things about it (plus the availability leaves something to be desired).


  2. peter – all the grassmilk is supplied from 3 farms in the humboldt region ( there are a lot of reasons for this decision ).

    also, tetra is building a recycling network. you can see here if there is a center near you ( http://www.recyclecartons.com/ ). there are positives and negatives to all packaging options and we’re always evaluating our options. tetra packaging gets very good marks in an overall lifecycle analysis compared to glass or plastic ( gah! ). the best thing to do let them know you want recycling in your area ( http://www.recyclecartons.com/carton-recycling/curbside-recycling/ ). the carton council is obviously very motivated to get curbside recycling in areas where there is vocal demand.

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