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The Girls loooooove an unmowed lawn ( not a euphamism ).

picking perfect peaches!

i didn’t think we’d get any peaches this year, what with the brutal frost while the blossoms were out and the devastating drought over the summer. but lo! they survived, and dare i say, thrived. we have so many peaches this year that we didn’t even have to deploy balloon decoy peaches. the squirrels have […]

10 weeks to the chicago marathon!

just a mere ten weeks until the chicago marathon! i got in a 12 miler today and 36 miles for the week. the long runs on the weekend are going to start to get serious over the next 4 to 6 weeks and i’ll regularly log half marathon and greater distances each week ( assuming […]

listening to raj patel speak in front of my three foot disembodied hand.

three years ago i took a picture of myself “stealing” peas from organic valley’s chief marketing executive’s employee garden. a few years ago, somebody from organic valley asked for pictures from the employee garden to be used in a presentation, so i gave them the picture with many others. it must have ended up somewhere […]

IQ and Pesticides: Another Important Study

new research from the prestigious boston children’s hospital, published in environmental health perspectives, “A Strategy for Comparing the Contributions of Environmental Chemicals and Other Risk Factors to Neurodevelopment of Children”, identifies the top five risk factors associated with decreases in children’s IQs. number 3 on the list, right behind lead? organophosphate pesticides which are used […]

on waking, once again, to a bat in the house!

there’s nothing quite like waking up to the swoosh! swoosh! of a bat flying around your bedroom and not too far from your head! it’s been 6 years since we’ve had any bats in the living space of our home ( i have to qualify that statement because there are plenty of bats we can […]

despite a spring freeze and a drought, everything’s looking peachy!

i can’t believe after a brutal frost while the blossoms were out and a devastating drought that it actually looks like we’re going to have a bounty harvest of peaches! hurray! with no small amount of luck we might actually get to enjoy The Transformative Power of A Real Peach ( and a little heavy […]

Cleome hassleriana

aka spider flower or spider plant.

day 2940: tree climbing across the street from butch vig’s parent’s place.

odin was climbing in this a totally awesome big ol’ tree climbing tree across the street from butch vig’s parent’s place and i couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he scaled it as a young kid while dreaming of producing records.

running update – 10 months and 1190 miles later.

wow. it’s hard to believe that it’s been slightly over 10 months since i started running again and five months since i decided to run the chicago marathon 9 years after running it for the first time! i just tallied up my mileage and i’ve run 1,190 miles since starting up again. if memory serves […]

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