living in the future

i love that we live in a future where it’s almost easy to take it for granted when someone from china watches a six year old ted talk on blogging given by mena trott where she mentions the blog and odin in the context of how blogs can help build a friendlier, more connected world and takes the time to leave a wonderful comment writing, “it is never too late to realize the wonderful legacy BLOGs can bring to us!”

funny too, that i just realized that i never properly blogged about the academy of art university in san francisco studying odin’s adventures last year after watching the same video.

2 thoughts on “living in the future”

  1. we have a 4 1/2 yr old boy francisco,,, he was born just days under six months… the put him through so many test the cystic fribrosis was a scary test but he grew to be the most wonderful healthy boy…. My prayers to you and Odin, God is Good !!!


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