twingy heel pretty much mostly not twingy anymore!

after feeling the twingy heel a couple of weeks ago, i backed off the long, 8-11 mile, weekend run and picked up some extra shorter runs.

so, instead of running 4 days a week with 3 shorter runs and a long run, now i’m running 4-6 miles 5-7 times a week. net-net, i’m running slightly longer totals for the week ( 20-30 miles ) and my heel is really thanking me.

it’s pretty much mostly not twingy anymore!

since it’s continuing to improve i’ll keep up with the new schedule for a few more weeks before picking up the mileage on the long run.

i can’t believe i’ve been back in the running saddle for 3.5 months! i almost feel like a “real” runner again.

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