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San Francisco by Jason McKean

stuff odin says: the skinny chicken edition.

odin, upon seeing a picture of 10 yr old me holding a chicken wearing a pac-man “trucker” hat & a “i’m a pepper” t-shirt, ( long pause ) “well that sure is a skinny chicken.” more stuff odin says!

The inner player abides across a brand. by TheRealMichaelMoore

day 2549: biking 20 miles along the elroy-sparta state trail!

for father’s day, possibly to balance out the ice cream maker i got for my birthday, kris and odin gave me a nice little saris bike carrier which means we can now go on fantastic Bicycling Adventures outside of the five or ten mile radius bike routes we traverse in town. this is A Big […]

stuff odin says: the collector’s edition.

odin: “know what i want to be when i grow up? a collector of things. feathers and stones and spoons from different countries.” more stuff odin says!

the strawberries are coming!

finally the strawberries are ready for the pickin’! we got about a gallon of them today and there are many, many more on the way. they are noticeably less bugs and slugs in the garden this year which i assume is a side benefit of The Girls pecking and scratching around the garden. i think […]

Cloud-wrapped Borerary, St. Kilda, Scotland by JC Richardson

stuff odin says: the tree climbing edition.

things odin & i did today: ✔ ride bikes at skate park ✔ pizza & cookies at driftless cafe ✔ watch fire-eaters from electric eye road show ✔ climbed trees ( odin: “poppi, i thought you were too old to climb trees. i guess i was wrong!” ) more stuff odin says!

stuff odin says: the fire-eaters edition.

odin: “poppi, i can not thank you enough for letting me stay up until 11pm to see the fire-eaters while mama is out-of town” more stuff odin says!

Hounded solargraph by vinkev

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