day 2492: The Tooth Fairy Philosopher.

day 2492: The Tooth Fairy Philosopher. I.

we were all a bit suprised last night when odin lost his fourth tooth just two short months almost to the day after losing his first.

after giving odin a sacagawea one dollar coin for his first tooth and a two dollar bill for his second tooth and three magic stones for his third tooth we were all curious what she’s bring for the fourth, especially given such short notice!

and it seems that the the tooth fairy decided to show her philosophical side this time around and left a card with “Love Joy Widsom and Kindness” on the front cover under his pillow.

day 2492: The Tooth Fairy Philosopher. II.

on the inside of the car we found a small pouch with four seeds and a poem:

here are four wishes i have for you
plant them well so they grow in you
plant each with care deciding just where
the fruit of the harvest we will reap
and in our hearts it will keep

we explained that the tooth fairy meant the four seeds were magical and represented Love, Joy, Widsom & Kindness and that she wanted him to grow those things deep in his heart. or something like that.

it was a little complicated but he thought it was a mighty thoughtful gift.

we’ll try to plant the seeds and see if they grow anything real along with a metaphor. who knows, maybe we’ll end up with a giant beanstalk in the backyard.

the science of being illogical

the science of why we don’t believe science is filled with glimpses into how are brains are wired to trick us into thinking we’re reasoning when we’re really rationalizing. “We may think we’re being scientists, but we’re actually being lawyers.” see also, reasons people persist in believing conspiracy theories even given overwhelming evidence to the contrary. so, i’m guessing this isn’t going to change many people’s minds: fox news can confirm that the president of the united states is a citizen of the united states. period.”

update: well that didn’t take long and the response is predictable. obama released the long form birth certificate which raised still more questions about obama’s past in many birther’s minds. and this is not the end of birtherism.