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how i learned to stop fearing and start loving stripped screws.

last week i spilled a glass of water on the butcher block next to stove which somehow shorted the “meat probe” wiring and rendered the oven non-functional. even though this site doesn’t recommending fixing it yourself, i thought it was worth a try. i mean, how hard could it be to take the side of […]

reaping the benefits of an insulated nesting box.

the sub-zero temperatures over the past week have provided a good test about whether or not it was worth the effort to insulate the nesting box in an attempt to prevent frozen eggs. The Conventional Wisdom folks said the insulation wouldn’t make a difference and unless we were able to collect the eggs throughout the […]

preparing breakfast for The Girls.

while it’s true that chickens are not particularly picky about what they eat, we have discovered that they do certainly have preferences and The Girls are quite fond of salad greens and yogurt ( all organic of course ). the salad greens are great because the’re nutritious and they help maintain the deep orange color […]

a clue left by our Under the Weather hen?

i have no idea if this is related to our Girl who is feeling under the weather, but it is a curious coincidence that the day she got sick one of The Girls laid an egg that looks unlike any other egg we’ve seen from them. i’m not even sure how you’d describe it. mostly […]

odin’s new year wish makes the newspaper!

i have no idea how it happened but somehow odin was asked for a “kid on the street” quote for the newspaper on his wish for the people of viroqua in the coming year. of course, the first part warms my heart; it sure is nice to know he’s got the “talking points” down i […]

The Mysteriously Impervious Material in the cedar closet.

in a testament to my powers of procrastination, for – oh – about five years since we moved in, i’ve been thinking about putting shelves in a closet in our 100 year old house that was, curiously, lacking any. it’s a big space, about 9 feet long and 2 feet deep, and installing shelves could […]

day 2387: one of The Girls is feeling under the weather.

well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. it appears that one of The Girls, a barred rock isn’t feeling well. when she took food out the coop at sunset, kris noticed she was standing with her beak in the corner of the coop, uninterested in feast which is quite unusual. upon closer inspection […]

day 2378: learning the ancient art of aerogami.

i remember quite fondly building paper airplanes with my grandfather, so it’s neat that odin had taken an interest in the ancient art of folding paper into flying forms. according to wikipedia, the art likely began around 400 BCE and while innumerable children haven enjoyed making gliders over the centuries just for the fun of […]

day 2375: art of the knight life.

in addition to asking santa for some snow tires for christmas, odin also asked for a knight’s outfit. sword, sheath, shield, head garb. thankfully he didn’t ask for a full suit of armor, just the basics to add the right amount of authenticity to imagined Authurian Adventures with friends. i suspect santa thought it was […]