day 2345: six years of parenting pays off with the first snow of the season.

we got our first good snow fall of the season last night with a 4 or so inches covering the ground, which means, of course, that it’s time to get out the shovels and The Community Snow Blower to clear out the driveway and sidewalk and make paths to the chicken coop and sauna.

never one to be shy of The Elements, odin has been helping me shovel snow for years with great determination and gusto even if he hasn’t been able to move great amounts of snow. and last year he even helped me on occasion operate the snow blower, though it was a bit of an effort for his five year old muscles to lug it around for extended periods of time.

but now he’s almost six and a half years old and apparently all the training has paid off. this morning he was excitedly shoveling snow off the front walk and sidewalks before i even finished my first cup of coffee. and as if that wasn’t enough work, he told me he reeeeaaaaalllllyyy wanted to snow blow the entire driveway – all 100 feet of it.

and, sure enough, he happily did just that for. over. two. hours.

i hope he remembers his zeal for snow removal when he’s a teenager 🙂

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