day 2276: odin rides into a brave new world of independence.

while nobody is ever going to accuse us of being helicopter parents we’ve been fairly cautious when it comes to letting odin ride around on his bike without supervision and up until today he’s been happy to be limited to riding up and down the block on his own.

but today he wanted to go to a friends house down the street and absolutely insisted that he was old enough to ride alone and he didn’t need us to tag along.

after some thought, it sure didn’t seem like an unreasonable request. it’s a straight shot down our quiet street with sidewalks all the way and just one intersection. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!! ( just kidding. sort-of. )

and so, we watched as odin rode away to his friend’s house all by himself for the very first time, setting off into a brave new world of independence.

postscript: i’m glad i didn’t search the internet for advice on what age kids should be allowed to ride their bikes by themselves before letting his head out. yeesh, folks seem consumed with fear. how sad.

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