the eric update – day 2119: zen and the art of bicycle maintenance.

in preparation for the snowdeal rummage and bake sale that odin had orgnaized to pay for the remaining portion of a fancy new bike he’s been saving up for, we found we had to change the innertube on one of the tires on his very first bike so we could fetch a premium price.

odin is a “hands on” on kid so he jumped at the chance to learn how change a tire and tube.

i recall being fairly intimidated by the prospect of the task even after i had quite a few decades on odin, but he took to the task with his usual gusto and had the tire off in no time, er, flat.

sadly, we didn’t even have much time for mw to reminisce about zen and the art of motorocycle maintenance and the metaphysics of quality before he was tooling around in his newly-fixed and soon-to-be-sold bike!

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