the eric update – day 1945: happy halloween from odin the ghost!

for reasons that weren’t really fully explained, our little town celebrated halloween on on friday instead of saturday like most of the rest of the country.

this year, odin decided that he wanted to be a very scary ghost, so together he and his mamma sewed a suitably scary costume which, inexplicably, also required a magic wand. before going out and trick-or-treating, he got to see some of the older kids at his school put on a version of the wizard of oz during the traditional “enchanted forest walk” ( every year the kids enact scenes from a story while younger kids walk through the forest ). odin has never seen the wizard of oz, so it prompted lots of questions like, “why were the bad witches legs under the house?” 🙂

after the forest walk it was time to knock on knockers, scare local residents and collect the sugary candy that he’s not allowed to have the rest of the year! it was big fun, even if it was one of the windiest, blusteriest evenings of the year.

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