the eric update – day 1877: staining the sauna!

"just" five months after raising the snowdeal sauna we’re finally getting around to staining it. we decided to go with a traditional "barn red" which is certainly appropriate for the area ( see "why are barns red" if you’re wondering about the history of the color. ).

it’s on days like this that i’m so thankful that odin absolutely loves, loves, loves to help us with projects. it’s so much fun to "work" and play at that the same time. as long as not too much stain gets spilled 🙂

and how is it possible that i’ve never taken a photo of the finished structure after a year of collecting sauna stones, felling cedar trees, breaking ground, framing the site, prepping for cement, pouring cement, putting out hands in the concrete, raising the sauna, enjoying an inaugural sauna complete with throwing of the steam and odin’s inaugural sauna?

fixed that error.

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