the eric update – day 1760: the training wheels come off.

almost exactly 2 years ago, odin was zipping around on his trike. and last year, almost to the day, odin was cruising around town on his new bicycle with training wheels, claiming he was going to keep his training wheels on until he was eight years old ( at the time, 8 was the age he’d often cite as the appropriate time when he’d tackle all sorts of daring and adventurous deeds that were too scary for a toddler to contemplate ).

i guess this is a new biking season with new rules, because today he asked me to take off his training wheels!

he has a special bike made with easily removable pedals so he can learn to balance first without simultaneously having to master the complicated relationship between pedaling and staying upright.

within minutes, he was pushing himself around, barney rubble-style until he built up enough speed, lifting his feet up and cruising along!

i strongly suspect that after a few more hours of practice, we’ll put on the pedals back on and he’ll be racing around the neighborhood.

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