the eric update – day 1688: tourney time!

we’re definitely not into pushing odin into being aggressively competitive, but a few weeks ago we asked if he was interested in going to a hockey "tournament" and, of course, he said yes. and so, we went to the local arena hosting the tournament which was, thankfully, a tourney in the loosest sense of the word, no score was kept, everyone got a medal and it seemed like the intent was just for the kids to mix it up with other kids while having fun on a sunday afternoon.

even though he just barely grasps the mechanics and action of an actual hockey game ( totally age appropriate ) and is pretty much just interested in pushing a puck around towards the net, he had a grand time.

so did we, even moreso since we didn’t run into any obnoxious hockey parents 🙂

you can click on each image for a brief description.

here’s a short video of odin accepting his medal.

day 1688: tourney time! from Eric C. Snowdeal III on Vimeo.

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