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the eric update – day 1693: the ethics of a zoo.

we had the occasion to visit the henry vilas zoo in madison, wisconsin which seems like a perfectly fine zoo, all the moreso because it’s absolutely free. odin enjoyed his visit and got to see lots of animals that he’s only read about in books such as this giraffe and a polar bear and chimpanzees […]

the eric update – day 1688: tourney time!

we’re definitely not into pushing odin into being aggressively competitive, but a few weeks ago we asked if he was interested in going to a hockey "tournament" and, of course, he said yes. and so, we went to the local arena hosting the tournament which was, thankfully, a tourney in the loosest sense of the […]

the eric update – day 1681: continental cup ski jumping!

somehow we missed it last year after having loads of fun in 2007, but we finally made it back again to the ski jumping continental cup competition at the snowflake ski club in neaby westby wisconsin. with a deep blue sky and temperatures well above freezing, it was a fantastic day for watching jumpers launch […]