the eric update – day 1408: odin’s new bike!

the easter bunny gave odin a bicycle bell which was a little curious since it didn’t come with a new bicycle. but we rectified that situation in short order and odin is now very happy to wake up at 6 a.m. and ask to go for a bike ride. every. single. day. i have no doubt that one big reason for wanting to go for a ride so early might have something to do with all the construction equipment nearby.

our local bicycle shop, bluedog cycles carries a model made with easily removable pedals so the child can learn to properly balance themselves without teetering on training wheels.

but alas, odin would have not ride the bike without training wheels, stating emphatically that that is how you learn to ride a bike ( and perhaps implying that we were really silly for thinking that he could learn withouth them! ).

the eric update – day 1402: odin strikes a familiar pose in his new, handmade sweater.

i wanted to take a picture of odin in his sweater made with lots and lots of love by his mamma and was amused to watch as he put his hands in pockets, slumped his shoulders with hair hanging in his face, stricking a pose that his grandparents will certainly recognize as the pose de rigeur adopted by myself when i was a teenager.

happily, he shows no signs of inheriting my adolescent surly attitude. yet.

a sun kissed panorama

i avoided thinking about taxes by playing with macro lens, an orange and panorama stitching and produced my first panorama. i think this will do nicely as a super-sized print for the kitchen.

autostitch/calico is sufficiently advanced to seem like magic.

update: interesting. the uploaded version is washed out compared to the orangetastic version on my desktop. hmmmmmmm.

update 2: well, i’m learning more than i ever wanted to know about color profiles. view in safari to see the orangetastic version until i figure out how to fix it 🙂

update 3: so, how come i can’t use colorsync to match the srgb gamut? i’ve tried match to "sRGB Profile" and match to "sRGB IEC61966-2.1". both appear to change the profile name ( "get info" shows the profile name has changed ) and matching the profile is supposed to convert it, no?

and yet, color still washed out.

what am i missing? i should be able to do this with colorsync directly ( or via automator ).