the eric update – day 1328: sticks and pucks!

we’ve been going to hockey practice for over 3 months and today was the very first day the kids got to go out on the ice with hockey sticks and pucks!

as you might imagine, as fun as hockey as been so far, it’s now been taken to a whole new level for odin.

and, naturally, he took off with the stick as if he’d been playing with it all along.

it’s really amazing to watch the kids come improve so much each week. even though they’re "just" in a learn to skate program, they’re starting to look like a real hockey team.

he shoots, he scores!

he did score his first goal by shooting a puck into the net, but i didn’t get that shot ( how is that possible? ) so you’ll have to settle for this one of him working with the stick and puck.

apparently, when you’re 3 years old, the nuances of pushing a puck around with a stick while on ice skates can be learned nearly instantaneously.

odin listens intently as one of his favorite coaches talks with him about who-knows-what.

all the staff have gone out of their way to express what a joy it is to have odin in the learn to skate program. it’s hard to believe it’s going to be over in a month – i have no idea what we’ll do on saturday mornings!

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