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the eric update – day 1096: the case of the mysterious infection.

after a few days of odin complaining that it hurt to go to the bathroom we suspected that he might have a bladder infection and took him to the doctor only to be told that it was highly unusual for a boy to have such a thing as were advised to come back if it […]

the eric update – day 1091: the boy genius makes his poppi a card.

odin set out with the simple instructions from his mamma to make me an extra special card for father’s day, which led to a wonderful abstract purply design. and when he was complete he ran to his mamma and asked her excitedly to come look at his creation while pointing out to the three letters […]

the eric update – day 1091: odin whips up the perfect father’s day dessert.

"odin, what special dessert do you think poppi would like for father’s day?" "brownies, mamma. poppi would really like some brownies." and so, a big batch of homemade brownies ( which also happen to coincidentally be one of odin’s favorite goodies ) were prepared with tender, loving care. and today odin even decided he’d try […]

ah yes, the simple pleasures of country living.

the fresh air, the quiet, the friendly people in a supportive community. and no volkswagen mechanic within 100 miles who will do warranty work and is open on saturdays. i love madison as much as the next guy, but jeez, it’s a hike just to get a repair. but it was time to stop tempting […]

the eric update – day 1086: odin meets dexter bean!

unless you follow arca racing or the nascar busch series you might not know dexter bean. but odin sure knows that he’s a rookie racecar driver because dexter’s team garage is on a regular driving route and many times a week parked in front of the garage we see a giant red semi-trailer that looks […]

the eric update – day 1084: can it really be wasted water when so much fun is being had? outtake.

while odin has loved running through the sprinkler since last summer, he’s always run along side it – except for today – which was the very first day, after many, many attempts that he finally conquered the sprinker and ran right over it. he and we were very proud of his determination.

the eric update – day 1084: can it really be wasted water when so much fun is being had?

ah yes, it’s that time of year where our desire to not waste water conflicts with odin’s desire to run through the sprinkler.

the eric update – day 1083: apparently, hanging out with poppi at the playground after an adventure is still a fun thing to do.

i don’t know how long it’ll last, but i’ll take whatever i can get

the eric update – day 1083: a farm adventure!

odin and i had the chance to visit an organic valley dairy farm with some friends and it was quite an adventure. we slept in sleeping bags and got up at the crack of dawn to see 100 happy cows who spend their days grazing on wide open pasture get milked in the "milking parlor". […]