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the eric update – day 1041: odin’s first haircut!

after over 1000 days, i almost can’t believe that it finally was time for odin to visit the barber for the very first time! before we went, we told him what was going to happen, and he wasn’t too sure it was something he wanted to do but harry the barber has obviously cut more […]

the eric update – day 1041: perfecting the "looking over the eyeglasses to indicate seriousness" look.

in this case, he was letting me know how unhappy he was with interrupting his enjoyment of his french toast cuisine with picture taking. i will choose to believe that him flipping the bird was entirely coincidental and unintentional.

the eric update – day 1035: not the kind of spring fever we were expecting.

gah. after emerging from winter and the cold and flu breeding ground that is preschool relatively unscathed, odin has suddenly and unexpectedly came down with a high fever ( 102+ F ) and a cough that thankfully passed quickly within 24 hours without causing too much trouble. he’s such a trooper that we didn’t even […]

organic "inside baseball": how a maine blueberry farmer increased the supply of organic stonyfield yogurt.

we’re big fans of stonyfield farm yogurt and for reasons that odin won’t divulge it’s the only brand of yogurt that he’ll eat which is a happy coincidence since my employer, organic valley supplies stonyfield with the organic milk that makes their yogurt so yummy. so, if you like supporting the organic valley mission feel […]

improvements to the bird feeder.

after not seeing much activity in two weeks on the bird feeder, we decided to take some advice and give the birds a place to perch close to the feeder so they can feel a little more secure about grabbing a snack. and we added some finch feeders on the bottom of the platform feeder. […]

the eric update – day 1033: um, yeah – we’re still here!

holy cow – spring has sprung and being busy with outdoor projects is about the only good reason i can come up with for not taking any pictures of odin for two weeks! sorry ’bout that odin has been helping me clean up the old ford, put in a gate on the fence, do a […]

so long, old man winter?

old man winter stopped by and dropped 8 inches (20 cm ) of snow in what was hopefully his final appearance for the season. a local person claimed that spring snows around these parts come in "threes", but i’m going to bet against the folksy conventional wisdom and bet that spring has finally sprung. luckily […]

not quite ready for the easter basket.

odin planted some wheatgrass at school to help the easter bunny fill his easter basket with grass, but alas, it wasn’t quite ready to be cultivated. still, it’s neat that he had the opportunity to plant the seeds and watch them grow. i wonder what else you can do with wheatgrass besides fill a basket…

the eric update – day 1020: happy easter!

phew, what a day! the easter bunny apparently was on a bit of a "humanities" kick this year and brought odin watercolors and a book of poetry. and just a smidge of candy which he didn’t seem to mind since he was much more preoccupied with the fact that a whole bunch of his friends […]

the eric update – day 1016: pondering pediatric eyeglasses and the risks of injury.

while we’ve been marveling at how well odin has been adjusting to his new, stylish glasses, it’s hard not to occasionally wonder how safe the remarkably thin frames and lenses are as we watch him run and tumble and behave like the extremely active toddler he is. apparently there’s very little research on the types […]

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