the eric update – day 1000. odin’s first self-portrait!

day 1000. odin's first self-portrait!

1000 days ago, after odin’s surprising and scary early arrival on the fourth of july, i’d have never guessed that i would have taken thousands of photos that would have been viewed almost 350,000 times just on flickr and met so many great people along the way ( you know who you are 🙂 . thank you all very, very much.

we had a lot going on this morning as we tried to get along and out the door for school, but i thought it was the perfect time for odin to take his own picture for the first time. as you can see he went for the classic "staring off into the horizon" pose that i think suits him well. perhaps he’s looking off into the future?

i’ve tried to get him to take his own picture before but his arms have never been long enough to hold the camera with enough distance to allow the autofocus to work. so it’s perfectly perfect that today i discovered that his arms have grown! oh, and the camera is resting precariously on the arm of the couch 🙂

what will the next 1000 days bring? if i’ve learned anything, it’s that i’m not even going to try to guess.

i’m wager that at least a few of you will be around on day 2000. until then, i’ve always been a fan of the journey and not necessarily the destination so i’m sure there will be many more photos in the future and probably more than a few from odin himself.

thanks again to all who have supported us along the way – it means more than mere words can convey.

3 thoughts on “the eric update – day 1000. odin’s first self-portrait!”

  1. Or the bigger question might really be will he still be wearing his fine scarf and hat in photo 2,000?

  2. And I had wondered if he still had that great hat on NOW. . . been following your young man along with Shoshanna, my primary preemie, now thrilled to see how wonderfiully they are doing! Esta1923

  3. When my 24-weeker was in the hospital, fighting for his life, I looked at pictures of your beautiful little guy and found great encouragement from them. Josiah is now nearly two and very healthy. Thank you for taking the time to chronicle your adventures in the NICU and beyond!

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