the eric update – day 953: ski jumping!

today odin saw his very first ski jumping continental cup competition at the snowflake ski club in neaby westby wisconsin.

the ski club has a 118 meter olympic sized hill which can launch jumpers up to 140 meters ( 459 feet ), which you can imagine is super exciting for both adults and two-and-half year olds!

see all those steps up the left side of the hill? we walked up. every. single. one. of. them. phew!

after the competition, as we slowly made our way down the stairs they shot off a cannon 3 times which caught odin by surprise and explains why if you were ask odin about the ski jump, he’ll first tell you about the “cannin” 🙂

you can click on each image for a brief description.

One thought on “the eric update – day 953: ski jumping!”

  1. I have been there!!

    My cousins live in good ol’Westby and when I was in college we went up 2 years in a row…and we drank cheap LaCrosse beer! 🙂 HA! The things you remember…They went this year with their foreign exchange student from Germany!

    I can’t believe how well Odin is doing…it’s been awhile since I visited! YEA! He’s such a handsome little guy! 🙂

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