the eric update – day 610: The Terrible Twos?

yes, it’s true that odin has always been quite strong willed and yes it’s true that we’ve been working on getting past no for quite some time and yet it’s true that he’s been known to not so subtly declare his independence, but lately kris and i have had the first glimpses that perhaps we really haven’t seen nothin’ yet and The Terrible Twos may be nigh.

recently we’ve seen much more intentional and persistent “boundary testing” and today was the first time that i can recall that he had a World Class Meltdown because we wouldn’t let him go outside before changing his diaper after waking from a nap ( we’re travelling so we’re being a little lax with the elimination communication ).

of course, he’s been upset in the past when things didn’t go his way, but usually it passed quickly. today was sustained and dramatic and no amount of reassurance that we could go outside after a diaper change would assuage him. he wanted to go out without a clean diaper and we were BIg Meanies for not complying. Very Big Meanies. sigh.

hopefully odin won’t decide to call up loki or thor to exact revenge at 3 in the morning.

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