the eric update – day 605: odin coming to a magazine stand near you! ( again )

well, i guess it’s time to let the cat out of the bag on this one.

the march/april issue of mothering magazine is running an article on kangaroo care and they’ve chosen to include 8 (9?) photos of odin doing the ‘roo.

and while most of the pictures are of kris and odin, i’m honored that my ugly, hairy chest will be featured as well which is, i think, a milestone for parenting magazines who generally seem to believe dad’s don’t exist 🙂

first parents magazine and now mothering magazine – i think someone from parenting magazine needs to call. or maybe wired which he’s been reading for for awhile ( and did craig newmark really comment on that post? geeky inquiring minds want to know. update: i can confirm that it really is craig, who i might add is something of a hero of mine. i can only hope that odin will grow up with his brand of nerd values. ).

in any case, it looks like the magazine trifecta is now in play.

we don’t have a copy of the magazine yet and we’re leaving for da u.p. for awhile tommorrow which is the real reason why i had to go with any ol’ magazine for this post. you can blame fellow flickrite peter norby for doing the networking that made this happen 🙂

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