the eric update – day 581: two signs the elimination communication training is going well.

while i don’t think an official communiqué from odin’s throne is necessary, it’s probably about time for an update on our progress with elimination communication as it’s been thirty days since we decided to give “potty training” a go [ ahem ].

while i’d be lying if i said there weren’t days when we wondered why we were trying to “potty train” odin so early, for the most part he and we have been making great progress. he’s consistently mostly “accident” free during the day ( we still use diapers when he’s sleeping ); as an added sine of progress, rather than needing to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes, he’s “holding it” for several hours. and we’re really proud that he’s even figured out The Feeling – meaning that more often than not before he soils himself he runs over and says “oooh! oooh!”, which is his way of letting us know that we’d better get him to the toilet, stat!

for the first couple of weeks, if he drank any liquids, then it was pointless of have him in pants since it was tough to get them off before an accident. but no more!

so while we didn’t achieve fully effective elimination communication in a month, we do think it’s quite a milestone to be comfortable enough to let him run around fully clothed with the beverage of his choice 🙂

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