the eric update – day 528: rsv shots are officially No Fun when you pack on the pounds.

while we were quite happy to have odin approved for shots for another rsv season i can’t say he’s very happy about receiving the monthly shots. instead of casually tolerating the pediatrician’s office each visit, he now apparently remembers quite vividly what is going to happen and expresses his unhappiness as soon as he enters The Room.

adding insult to injury, since he’s gaining about a pound a month ( whooohooo – 24 pounds/10.9 kilos! 75 percentile on the age-adjusted very low birth weight charts! ) the volume of the subcutaneous bolus is now so large that he must have two shots. the nurses subscribe to the theory that it’s best to get the deed done quickly by giving him both shots at the same time – one in each leg.

no sir, odin does not like to be held down against his will, especially when it’s by two strangers who are going to stick him in his leg.

at least he doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against us for allowing him to be put into such a predicament. yet.

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