the eric update – day 519: getting past no.

the Incredible Interestingness of the laptop power supply has provided us with many opportunities to practice the meaning of the word “no” and it’s been quite obvious for awhile that he understands the general intent of the word to mean approximately “please don’t do whatever it is that you’re doing at the moment”; of course, like all children, sometimes he complies and sometimes he just pretends to ignore you.

but today while we were engaged in yet another lesson about not pulling the laptop power plug forcefully out of the computer, after i firmly stated, “no, odin.”, he proceeded to pull it out anyway and then turned towards me and smiled a big smile as he firmly said, “no.” before attempting to chew off the end of the plug.

while we’re happy to see that he’s developing his language skills, we fairly certain that we’re quickly going to have to develop a strategy for getting past no, since we suspect that this probably not his last experiment with actively disobeying a request from mamma and pops.

as always, suggestions are appreciated!

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