the eric update – day 508: happy thanksgiving from odin and us!

in one sense, thanksgiving was a lot less eventful this year since we didn’t have any early morning dog seizures.

but maybe it was travelling almost 1000 miles ( 1609 kilomters ) over the past week has finally caught up to him, or maybe it was because odin has had 5 new teeth come in over the same time, or maybe he’s getting his first cold ( we’ve noticed that he’s had an increasing amount of post-nasal drip that is apparently irritating his throat and causing a cough. maybe it’s a cold or maybe it’s an effect of all the teething? ) – whatever the cause, odin spent much of the afternoon after this picture was taken having a prolonged and uncharacteristic Really Big Meltdown. he’s usually quite laid back ( as long as mamma is close by ) but i guess today he decided that enough was enough.

oh well, at least he got to enjoy a small bit of his very first thanksgiving dinner .

and yes, it does take a lot of skill to take a picture when exactly nobody is actually looking at the camera 🙂

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