the eric update – day 428: the unofficial end of summer. or time to put away the white clothes?

although i guess i can’t speak for the rest of the northern hemisphere, the labor day holiday marks the unofficial end of summer here in western michigan and the united states. which means we’ve begun the process of mourning the fact that the green grass will quickly wither and turn brown and perhaps more importantly that rsv season will soon be upon us which will mean we’ll be hunkered down avoiding snotty, sickly carriers of infections, waiting once again for hope to spring eternal.

but for now, we’ll enjoy the last remaining weeks of warm weather and green grass and admire how odin seems unperturbed by the fact that we’re making him play on such a steep hill 🙂

just the other day we discovered that a pair of shoes made by the van doren rubber company ( a.k.a “vans” ) that were given to odin by his aunt candy when he was much, much smaller than he is now finally fit him properly! in an amusing coincidence, when his pops used to wear vans as part of his skater uniform, labor day was also a much lamented holiday because it meant an rapid end to the skating season, which really was the worst for of torture that could be endured by teens didn’t have access to indoor skate parks.

completely unrelatedly, the bright, white rubber on his shoes makes me wonder if they’re immune to the custom that prohibits the wearing of white after labor day? we certainly wouldn’t want to be accused of forcing odin to commit any unintentional fashion faux pas 🙂

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