the eric update – day 420: apples and oranges.

has it really been four months since odin took his first bite of an apple on the same day that we had our first sighting of actual tooth enamel?

within the past few days we’ve had two more teeth poke through on the bottom to make eight total toofers which makes it all the easier to eat the apples.

he likes to crawl around with his apple that mamma has “started” by taking out a few bites and it strikes me yet again, how quickly he’s growing up as he grips the apple, knawing off chunks and merrily eating away at it until deciding that he’d like to play with this or that before eventually returning to the apple which inevitably becomes coated with mauja’s hair.

in case you were wondering, we have had “loads” of incontrovertible proof that infants don’t digest dog hair 🙂

yes, we’ve finally been worn down by the sippy cup industrial complex – at least when it comes time for imbibing watered down orange juice 🙂

he’s beein doing so well with his shot glass and “open” sippy cup that it took some practice to get him to figure out how to use it with the sippy lid attached. in fact, he never seemed very interested in trying when when we filled it with plain ol’ water, but mastered it quite quickly when we filled it with juice. imagine that 🙂

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