the eric update – day 329: not quite ready for cruisin’ in the galaxie five oh-oh.

day 329: not quite ready for cruisin' in the galaxie five oh-oh.

perhaps one or two people noticed that something was conspicuously absent during the recent lightening of the load.

but how could i possibly sell my 1965 galaxie 500? sure, i might not have finished many projects on the car in the past three years, but i didn’t start any projects so it makes sense that i wouldn’t finish any of them. and besides, if a car is 40 years old, it seems like you don’t have to rush and get everything done in the first 5 years.

and yet, it’s not exactly easy to be nimble with a two ton antique automobile to think about and since i didn’t want to deal with the hassle or expense of storing it for an indefinite period of time, it looked as if the logical thing to do would be to finally give in and sell it to one of the many galaxie fanatics that has offered to buy it from me while idling at a traffic light.

but now that it’s waxed and buffed and ready to be sold, i’ve decided that i just can’t do it. it just doesn’t seem right to deny odin the chance to learn how to operate the three on a tree transmission when he’s old enough. and who knows, maybe in a few years, he’ll even help me finish one of those projects that i’ve been always meaning to start.

what are we going to do with the galaxie during our upcoming travels? well, we’ve hatched a plan that in hindsight might seem so illogical and unwise that we might wonder what caused our temporary insanity. regardless, i’m sure it’ll make for a great adventure 🙂

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