the eric update – day 328: an adventure in the park! or playing at a neurotically safe distance.

seeking a little change of scenery, we went on an field trip to a local park . i thought that we’d get to spend some quality time playing our new “tackle pops” crawling game, but alas, it seems as if there were far more interesting things to focus on than boring old pops.

i had made the mistake of sitting up on a hill overlooking a expansive play area with lots of kids running around and yelling and making lots of commotion, which odin found endlessly fascinating.

so much for playtime with pops.

even though it’s we’ve said goodbye to rsv season, we’re still a little paranoid about him playing with the unwashed masses since we’ve had a few close calls with the cold/flu/mystery illnesses with friends and family and assume that there are still bugs of various sorts in the wild.

maybe soon we’ll let our guard down, but not quite yet.

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