the eric update – day 324: on tempting the gods of sleep.

ahhhh, the trials and tribulations of infant sleep habits.

i’m as surprised as anyone to be able to happily ( if somewhat nervously ) report that odin seems to have developed a relatively stable sleep schedule, almost despite our best efforts; from the first days of being home from the hospital when we discovered that we needed to simulate the neonatal intensive care unit to realizing that we had a 139 day old infant with a newborn’s sleeping habits who could benefit from a regimented sleep routine to a brief stint of associating mamma with sleep which necessitated a quickly improvised almost-no-cry sleep solution to ditching the crib in favor of a big boy beds, regardless of the increased mobility if affords, to teething angst; with all the changes over such a short period of time, it’s almost easy to miss the forest for the trees and miss the fact we have, relatively speaking, a super sleeper.

these days, more often than not, odin gets ready for bed at about 5:30 p.m. with about the same sleep routine that he’s enjoyed for months. more often than not, he’s fast asleep by 7 p.m. and usually awakens for a little food between midnight and 3 a.m., although in the past week, we’ve been surprised to find that he’s slept until his normal waking time of 7 a.m.!

the occasional full night of sleep is a welcome relief after 324 days!

now, if i can just shake the feeling that i’ll be forced to suffer the wrath of the gods of sleep by having the hubris to think that maybe, just maybe, we’ll have months of sleep filled nights to come 🙂

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