the eric update – day 285: what’s in odin’s bag?

we’re a little late to the party with the “what’ s in your bag” meme, but hey – better late than never, right?

his diaper bag is really a timbuk2 euro tote. it makes a great carrier for all things infant and when he outgrows the need for a diaper bag, we can use it to carry our stuff around and not look like we’re, well, carrying a used diaper bag. there’s a wrist rattle attached to the strap of the bag for on demand distraction.

of course, since it’s a diaper bag it needs a few backup diapers – which in our case are tushies ( we’ve never had problems with leaking tushies, contrary to some of the negative reviews ). sealed in the mini bag is the supersized paci ( which he almost never uses, preferring instead his own fingers as you can see ), a bulb syringe, saline ( for use with the bulb syringe in Emergency Booger Removal ) and a small container of purell.

we alway stock a few small toys, and today we have a couple of haba wooden toys. we don’t have any agenda against plastic toys, but having a few high quality wooden toys can be A Good Thing. of course, odin couldn’t care less about them, wooden or not, and would prefer to play with a clean diaper.

a hat. one cannot leave home without a stylish hat. and a change of cloths, a burp cloth and wipes.

and because you never know when the opportunity for reading might present itself, it’s always nice to travel with a few good books such as the runaway bunny and the little prince.

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