the eric update – day 284: bag balm – it’s not just for cows.

it’s a little hard to tell from this photo, but odin has developed quite a case of chapped cheeks. the effect is particularly pronounced after sleeping; we suspect that he’s producing large amounts of drool which is a by product of teething and that’s irritating his skin. he exacerbates the irritation by rolling over on his stomach while he’s sleeping, scooting all over his bed and rubbing his already irritated skin against the sheets.

originally created to help sooth irritated udders ( udder=bag ), generations of vermonters have been soothing their own non-bovine skin with the salve. so far, a bit bag balm applied liberally appears to be keeping things relatively under control. i guess it’s fair to say that it works as well or perhaps a little better than any of the other remedies we’ve tried ( and we’ve tried almost everything that’s easily available ), but it’s not a cure by any means.

it anyone has any suggestions for what’s worked for them we’d be mighty obliged.

oh, and if it’s not apparent, odin is trying to figure out how to take the lid off the can of bag balm.

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