the eric update – day 281: testing out the munchkin fresh food feeder and The Amazing Distractor! or a pinwheel.

there’s still no sign that odin is anywhere close to eating solids. given his great weight gains we’re not too concerned about getting him to eat before he’s ready, but we thought it might be nice for him to slowly get accustomed to different flavors and a few people have suggested that we try a “fresh food feeder”.

basically you put a bit of food inside the mesh bag which allows the infant to chomp her gums on the morsel, enjoying the flavor without any choking risk.

today we tried a slice of apple and we weren’t quite sure if he was entirely pleased with the flavor. certainly, it was apparent that he thought it was quite different than the usual fare.

after discovering that odin wasn’t too keen on staying in the stroller when we go out for a run, we thought we might try the oldest trick in the parenting bag of tricks.


early tests indicate that, at least on a windy day, the humble pinwheel can, in fact, provide at least two miles of distraction!

only time will tell if it’s amazing powers withstand the drudgery of longer runs.

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