the eric update – day 275: outdoors! and bricks and spit.

could it only have been a little over two weeks ago that we were looking longingly out the window, waiting for spring to arrive? while there might not be much greenery outside, it’s a treat to be able to sit outside in unseasonbly warm weather and do nothing but listen to birds chirp.

it’s easy to forget how much more stimulating an environment it is outside and odin is constantly turning his head this way and that as he turns towards each new and interesting sound.

of course, given his barney rubble sense of style, it’s not long before he’s letting us know that he’d really rather prefer to not have any socks, shoes or booties on his feet. since it’s so warm, he gets his very first opportunity to feel the cool brick under his toes and perhaps even get a bit of real dirt in between his toes.

naturally, after feeling the bricks under his toes, odin decides that he simply must get in for a closer look. who knew there could be so much interesting stuff in a six inch patch of brick what with little bits of this and that and textures and cracks and lights and shawdows.

or maybe he was just waiting to accumulate enough spit to test his theory about spiddle and gravity.

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