the eric update – day 261: a study of solids. bananas.

since we didn’t want to be accused of “… giving someone a Bud Light and then concluding from [ their dislike of it ] that that they don’t like beer…” we went ahead and rounded up a motley crew of earth’s best baby food. the merits of “hand mashing notwithstanding, we decided to go with good old fashioned jars of babyfood because, well, we’re lazy 🙂

and since banannas seemed to be a popular suggestion, we thought we’d try that first. see – your feedback at action!

goodbye real spoon and hello fingerspoon! despite initially seeming to like using a real spoon, today the results were the same as yesterday until we switched to the fingerspoon.

and then, like magic, odin was at least willing to give it a try. not too much, mind you, maybe a quarter of teaspoon of food – but hey – it’s a start. we tried both straight bananas and bananas mixed with a bit of rice cereal and the results were the same – mild, if not overwhelming interest. so, maybe next time we’ll try sweet potatoes.

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