the eric update – day 231: reading in the bath ring!

we’re really reaping the benefits of having family members with older children. we don’t have to buy anything. whoohooo!

days after getting a box of goodies from my sister, we received even more fun stuff, including this safety 1st bath ring; it has little grippy suction cups on the bottom which makes it easier to keep odin sitting upright in the tub while getting taking a bath. the timing is perfect, because it’s getting more difficult than it once was to hold him while washing him, since he’s not quite big enough to sit up in the tub all by himself.

we thought it might be prudent to give the bath ring a test run on dry land and discovered that it could apparently also double as odin’s favorite new reading chair.

he really does enjoy his orange crinkley book from misscaro ( and here ). i wonder if they make them here in the states. if they do, i’ve never seen one.

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