the eric update – day 95: cliffhanger

day 95: celebratin'

hmmmm. what news could have prompted an impromptu celebratory hand game with lots of singing and smiling? could it possibly be that we learned when he might be able to come home?

perhaps 🙂

i am going to try to respect the curse of the nicu and not say exactly when they told us he could go home, but you might not want to take a vacation from visiting the site over the next couple of days! hee. hee.

update: i finally got around to getting caught up on adding postcards that have been forwarded to us from the old nicu ( as always, thanks! ). i suspect that more than a few people might want to send us a postcard sometime in the next week ( hint! ), so i’ll remind everyone that you should use the new address if you’re going to send a card. the old nicu has been pretty good about forwarding us postcards, but i don’t think they’re under any obligation to continue to do so and i don’t want to abuse their kindness.

later: don’t send us a postcard here, we’ll never get it. thanks for everyone who did at the time! 🙂

eric c. snowdeal iv
p.o. box 1514
grand rapids, mi 49501-1514

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