the eric update – day 111: a visit from uncle matt and auntie deb!

well, they’re not his “real” aunt and uncle, but matt and deborah might as well be; they’ve been patiently waiting for a long time to get a chance to hold little odin and now that odin’s cousin is around visitors get a two-for-one deal on holding babies. it’s still fascinating to see people’s reactions when they see him live and in technicolor after seeing only pictures for 111 days. these days, the first reaction seems to be shock at how big he’s getting, which is quite a different reaction that even just a few weeks ago.

what you don’t see in the pictures is that they brought their dog, malbec, from chicago so there are five (!) dogs running around wreaking havoc while this picture was being taken.

while there was less sneezing today than in past few days, odin was still had a stuffy nose this morning that once again cleared itself by the afternoon. he’s not running a fever or exhibiting any signs of getting a cold so the source of the stuffiness is still a mystery.

there’s big news to report on odin’s progress with nursing! but i’ll wait and write more on the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding a micropreemie tommorrow.

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